How to download Instagram Videos & Photos


As we all know that there are many social networking sites available in online in terms of offering a lot of features. For instance, you can download the videos and photos by visiting the social networking sites. Here we are going to have a discussion about one of the best applications to utilize on our device. Yes, we are talking about the application called Instagram. It is such an application which will have a huge number of followers across the globe. It is the application which will help the user to share the moments as per their convenience.

When it comes to using the application, you can share the photos or videos whenever you need as per the wish. At the same time, you can also edit the image or videos with the help of super cool filters. By just using the filters, you can upload the high-quality stuff and share it with your followers at any time. It is the main reason that the application is considered to be the best thing when it comes to usage on your device at anytime. But the fact is this super application will leave you disappointed for lack of feature called downloading option.

Is it possible of saving videos or photos?

As we mentioned earlier, this is the best application with a missing of downloading option. The major thing about not involving the downloading option is due to the security purpose.  In terms of avoiding the issue like misusing the photos or videos from other accounts, this secure option has been involved. However, on the other side, most of the Instagram users come across a lot of videos and some interesting images. In this case, the users will expect to download the Instagram videos or images to the device to view whenever they want. Unfortunately, without downloading option, people will get disappointed.

How to download videos or photos?

We all know that there is no downloading option to download Instagram videos or photos as per the convenience. However, we can make it possible with the help of applications available in the store when it comes to downloading videos or photos from Instagram. If you are really looking forward to downloading the videos or photos to your device, then the application called Instagram Video Downloader will take a stand and allow the user to save the videos or photos to the device at anytime without making any difficulties.

It is important for the user to find the application in the store and install on a device at anytime. Once the application is installed on the device, and then you are now ready to download the Instagram videos or photos at anytime as per your wish. Make sure to know that the users who all are changed to private account; you can’t able to download the stuff from their account. However, you can make it possible with a public account for all the time at anytime without making any difficulties.

Important steps to follow

Before getting into downloading the videos or photos, you need to follow the important steps without any miss. Here we are issuing the main steps to follow and download the videos or photos as per your wish. Let’s follow the below steps mentioned here.

First of all, you need to download and install the Instagram Video Downloader on your device. Once the application is installed it on your device, you need to tap the application and enter.

You are now ready to activate the download feature and then tap the Instagram to check out the videos or photos. All you need to copy the video or photo URL by just tap it on the top right corner.

Now, you can copy paste the URL of the video or photo on the input box, then click the submit button and wait for few seconds till the download is completed.

Finally, you are now ready to view the download file from Instagram on your device with the help of Instagram Video Downloader. These are the main steps that you need to follow when it comes to downloading the Instagram photos or videos.


In the current scenario, we used to see a lot of photos and videos flooded over Instagram according to the latest trend. People who are all looking forward to downloading the Instagram videos and photos can follow the above-mentioned stuff at anytime.

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