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Gone are the days, when you have to put hours with the interior designer, mull over his/her points and finally come to a conclusion for the home renovation. In fact, three decades ago, if you are interested in home renovation, you searched on the internet. But now, the remodelling has passed to the mobile era. So, it is easier to download and install the apps on your mobile. You do the best 3D level renovation for your home and then show it to the interior designer.

When you think of home renovation, you think of tools (hammers, nails), breaking room walls to accommodate new ones etc. Agreed. But is there a way to save money and time? There is. You can first draw a 3D vision of the project and determine the distance of the walls. You can also search for the best colours. You may have a large or small project in your mind. Now the challenge is to make your mind visualization come to reality. Some apps listed in this article can show a detailed version of your design ideas before the construction begins.

  1. Pinterest

Want to get the best ideas on recent trends? By looking at the recent innovative ideas displayed via art, you can get excellent creative thoughts. You can create various colour shades and compare them to like-minded homes. For example, if you want to create a Home Theatre, search for the same word on Pinterest to notice the designs made by others. Similarly, you can get ideas from paint companies, home decorators and furniture stores.

You can also share the renovation ideas across Pinterest. Given our multiple options to design a private board either for your individual use. You can also share them with your renovation expert or friends. Take photos while you are on a trip of various house designs or when browsing via magazines. An easy method to share all the ideas.

  1. Dulux Visualizer

A home renovation may also mean changes in the walls. Do you have many options offered by every member of the family? Then use this app to determine the look of your wall after it has been painted in the same colour by this app. No, you do not have to buy the paint. So, you save money and time. You can also use the augmented reality to choose colours that can go well with the furniture.

  1. Color 911

Designed by color consultant Amy Wax, the app won an award from Architectural Digest, the magazine. This app can assist in matching the colors from the internet or from an image on your phone. You get the rare opportunity to design your palette via this app. You can also view the other individual’s palette. As of today, this app has more than 100 color themes. You also get the rare opportunity to adjust colors brightness. Want to share the palette? You have the option.

  1. iHandy Level App

Don’t have a measuring scale or line? Then this app will help measure the distance horizontally/vertically. It makes sure that every structure is placed in a straight position.

  1. HomeZada

Want to have a full grip on th

e improvements on home renovation, right from start to the completing line? Then download this app. You can organize the planning, execution and even documentation. Although the app is free, for usage, you need an account in the same website.

  1. Magic Plan

Want to have an indoor map for the visual data? Then download the app designed by Sensopia Inc.,. Photos were taken of the indoor space from corner to the other, on the floor level. You get the opportunity to select from 400 objects such as appliances, fixtures and electrical fixtures for the floor plan. Want to get an opinion from a relative in another country? Share the plan via the cloud.

  1. Home Design 3D

This app is available both for iOS as well Android. As the name specifies, you can re-imagine/redesign the house in 3D. Want to know the benefits of premium account? You get options for sharing/saving the file.

  1. TapPainter

You can take photos of the existing home. Now play with paint on the mobile, without making a change in reality on the walls. You can brighten or lower the colours. You can also save, email and share your work via this app. But it is available for only iOS.

  1. Houzz

Want to keep up-to-date with the recent style of home improvement? You have got the app that shows the best trends in rooms, style etc. You get the creative ideas when you see the same visualization ideas in another space. The amount of photos is big, somewhere near 10 million photos. This app can help you design the best living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The feature is known as “View in my Room” makes use of Augmented Reality to help determine the rearrangement of furniture. If you have gathered some information, you can save them in the form of lists. They can also be shared with others when you work in a team concerning a project. You can also get videos and articles for creative ideas.

Do you also want other services such as handyman professionals? Then you can list the search. Suppose, if your AC is malfunctioning during the course of home renovation, then it is very easy to hire a qualified and trained professional for the best AC repair in Pune. You can get this app free in iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Android and Amazon Fire tablets. You can get the links at the website. You can even get advice from forums via this app. Also there are information on professionals profiles and who knows? You can get the best one for your home renovation project.


Have you completed the home renovation project of your home? Now you have every data ready to show to the interior designer. You can schedule an appointment by placing a request via the same apps of home maintenance companies in Pune. Now, do not be surprised if the interior designer comes with his/her mobile and takes off the measurement with the same device.

But that is how the entire world works. On technology. By keeping updates on the recent trends. Do you feel we have shared knowledge by posting this article on home improvement apps for renovation? If so, kindly put a review in the comments section.

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