Why Should You Install CCTV Cameras In Your Home?


You have worked for forty years, now built your dream home. Your spouse, also a working woman has laden it with expensive artwork and royal drapes, but what about security? Have you provided suitable protection to the house? Of course, you can enlist the services of private security personnel, but they will definitely cost you a bomb. But you can reduce the cost by the installation of CCTV in your home.

Do you face a similar situation at your home in Bangalore? Then this article can help solve your problem.

There are various benefits of installing CCTV in the home, but let us look at the top reasons below –

  1. Prevention Of Vandalism And Criminals

History is abounded with stories and evidence of how crime has been punished, but it is surprising that there are criminals who still indulge in negative activity such as loot and murder. CCTV cameras are an excellent option for you (home owners) as they can provide foolproof evidence of vandalism and theft.

Usually a robber will observe a house for many days and then perform the break-in. But a CCTV installed home may deter the criminal and he may shift his focus on another home that is not well-protected.

  1. Monitor Property

Real estate has boomed in metropolitan cities. If you are a resident of Bangalore, you could have many sites in various parts of the city. Or, for example, you have a farm house in the outskirts of the city and go only on weekends.

So for the rest of the week, the house has to be monitored. This can be easily done by CCTV installation. By the way, do you know that there are cameras and equipment which have unlimited video recording options?

One of the biggest advantages of a CCTV camera is to give you a sense of security and comfort regarding their home when not physically present. Suppose, if you find a thief trying to break-in, you can take suitable action such as calling the law enforcement agencies or alerting the neighbors.

  1. Prevent Theft At Night

You have a farm house to go with your family only on weekends. One night, you hear a knock at the door. But since you have installed a CCTV camera, you can see one person outside the door and three persons hiding behind near the gate with sharp weapons.

You had the sense of mind to call the police and the robbers made a hasty retreat. But if you had installed only a peep hole in the door, only one person could be seen and there would have a home invasion. It could have resulted in loss of valuables and physical harm.

  1. Protection

As working parents, you can come home only after 7 pm. But you have a teenage daughter who comes home at 4 pm. In this situation, a CCTV camera will help her determine whether she can open the door or not in case of visitors.

  1. Monitor Children and Elders

If you and your spouse are working professionals, and has a tiny tot at home, you would have opted for the service of a baby sitter. With CCTV installed in home, you can monitor the behavior of the babysitter with your child.

Or there may be a family elder who is bed-ridden with old age. You have enrolled the assistance of a nurse to take care. With CCTV cameras installed in the room, you can ensure that the family elder is given medicine, food at the proper time.

These elderly people cannot get out of the home, in dangerous situations such as fire. In similar scenarios, you can act accordingly to save the person from physical harm.

  1. Pets

Are you a person who has a pet? You and your family have gone for a family function and have to stay off the home for two days. You have requested your neighbor to take care of the pet for the duration. Having a CCTV installed near the pets dwelling will give you information on its feeding time and other activities.

  1. Fires

In an unfortunate situation, the electric wire in the neighborhood has caught fire and is fast spreading to your home. You are alerted by the CCTV and take steps to prevent maximum damage.

There may be also other circumstances. You are in office, while your teenage daughter has left boiling water on the stove and forget to switch off at the proper time. Don’t you think this example is enough to have CCTV installed in your home?

  1. Valuables

Valuable items bring us memories and pleasant moments. There are also some hereditary items which may cost low, but share an emotional bond. It is estimated that more than 20 lakh home burglaries happen in India every year.

In an unfortunate situation, the burglars did not notice the CCTV, broke open your home and carried out the act. You can very well make a note of the valuable items they stole from the video. Without the surveillance system you had to give in writing, information about the stolen items. But now, you have video proof of the valuable stolen. Very soon, the culprits will be caught.

  1. Vacation/Family Trips

Have you won a prize in a television competition? You have been awarded two night stays with your family in another State. So you should leave the home. But with a CCTV, you can always track the activity near your home.

  1. Secure Areas

It has been noted that the robbers make their way to the home via the basement or the garage. Installation of a CCTV will ensure that their normal methods of entry are not available.

  1. More Value

A CCTV installation can add more value to your home if you are trying to sell the property. An advantage is that the surveillance cameras keep the home protected during the sale process.


Although there are many advantages of installing CCTV in home, there is still a myth which states that these systems are expensive. And also the operating system is very complicated. But the two statements are far from reality as majority of the apartment buildings and homes in the outskirts of the metropolitan cities have installed simple CCTV cameras in their premises. The operating systems of CCTV cameras have simple and easy-to-use features. When compared to the price of armed security guards and private security guards, the price is far less. Buying CCTV is a one-time investment for lifetime. So buy one and ensure a safe secure zone for your family in their favorite dwelling place – HOME! SWEET HOME!

But can you install CCTV by yourself? How do you search for a CCTV as per your budget? You do not have to waste time, there are many companies who provide doorstep CCTV installation in Bangalore. You just have to download their app, and make a booking. The concerned team will come to your house and install the equipment. There will be simple training sessions for your family so that they know how to operate the equipment.


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