Important Things You Need To Know To Keep Your Online Presence Secure


There is no doubt in the fact that the internet was the most significant invention of the previous century. However, it brought many risks along which not only exposed users to unwanted online threats but also put their privacy at stake.

Regardless of how far the world has come lately, these online threats continue to put users into unwanted troubles. Now that you cannot afford to sideline the internet on a daily basis, learn to use it wisely. This is the only way to keep yourself safe from cyber threats. Here is how you can do it in a hassle-free manner-

Your Passwords Are More Important Than You Think

Gone are those days when you could share your Facebook ID and Passwords with your friends and let them use your account to stalk their crush online.

Today, you cannot afford to share your Facebook login information with your siblings, let alone friends or anyone else.

Same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts that you manage.

So, even if someone asks you to use your computer to log in to his/her social media account next time, first log yourself out and then handover the system. If possible, stick around while your system is used by someone else so that you don’t have to regret at a later stage.

Use WhatsApp Carefully

WhatsApp has changed the way people used to chat on their smartphones in the past. Now you don’t have to worry about operator charges while texting your friends who’re sitting in another part of the world.

Simply use this fantastic IM app and text, call or video call to your contacts located in different cities, states or countries for that matter.

From its inception, the WhatsApp development team has been working hard to improve the app on a regular basis. Earlier it was only available for smartphone users, but now even the desktop users can use WhatsApp easily. All they have to do is scan a barcode available in the mobile app on their desktop, and they will be able to use web WhatsApp efficiently.

The situation is ideal for those who keep shuffling between smartphone and computer throughout the day. Should you be one such person, then web WhatsApp is the best option for you to forge ahead with.

However easy your life has become with WhatsApp, it’s not free from cyber risk. If you are on a laptop or desktop which is used by other users as well, then linking your WhatsApp to web browser may destroy your privacy in the flesh. Even if you are not on your desktop, someone else can use it and read all your chats without your knowledge unless you’ve logged out of the web version already. This is something perilous and can put your privacy at risk. So, use WhatsApp carefully and avoid using web WhatsApp on shared systems.

Remember that your passwords are as important as your bank account details. Just like you cannot share the latter with someone, you cannot share your social media passwords with anyone, too. Pay heed to these couple of points to keep your online presence secure and free from all sorts of cyber threats.

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