Blockchain To Propel Biotech Market To The Next Level


Annually cancer kills more than 10 million people. It is a serial killer which respects neither young nor old. Modern medicine tries to confront this deadly danger and quite often successfully beats the enemy. Nowadays we have many new treatments which are pretty efficient. But the main point here is timeliness in diagnosis. The earlier […]

The Missing Part of the IoT Puzzle: Roaming


The Internet of Things is perhaps most easily understood regarding beacons, meters and static location-based services. However, as miniaturized technology becomes more of a commonplace, the opportunities for creating even more connected devices are increasing. However, with that potential comes a dichotomy: IoT devices are only as good as their connectivity. Without a stable, reliable data connection, […]

Smartphone Contribution To Ever-Growing E-Waste & The Road Ahead


This one will get your attention! Have you ever heard of e-waste? I have interviewed Erik Hohmann from Galaxy eSolutions about smartphones and electronic waste to find out more about this fascinating topic. Q. You’ve been in the mobile tech industry for a while. Could you share how smartphones contribute to the ever-growing amount of e-waste? Smartphones haven’t […]

Untapped Opportunities For Blockchain In The Video Game Industry


Given a substantial overlap between the gaming and crypto communities, the technology behind significant crypto-currencies is starting to and its way into the gaming industry. Comments by Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, founder of The Abyss and Destiny.Games The video gaming industry is growing at a constant pace. It is home to 2 billion players and viewers, hundreds of studios […]

How Blockchain Technology Has Revolutionised Our Financial World

Blockchain Finance

Interview with Reinhard Berger, a former business architect for global consulting firm Accenture, redefined the global banking system for clients such as Credit Suisse, UBS, and Invesco. As the Founder & CEO of Pecunio, a decentralized investment platform that focuses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain asset hedge funds, he and his team are contributors to the financial […]

ICO HeadStart Founder Says Bitcoin Will Become A Part of Mainstream Online Payments In 2018

Blockchain Finance

Blockchain technology is potent of disrupting almost every industry, and it can’t be dismissed anyway although there are several hurdles to cross before we can actually witness its complete transformative impact. With paramount security and restricted change, leaders of major financial institutions see an upside in the blockchain technology, which in turn, has made them more […]

Significance of 301 Redirects when Upgrading Your Website – Don’t Forget or You’ll Be Sorry!

Web Development

Thinking of upgrading your website? The 301 redirect will let you ensure that your website gets updated under all circumstances. Although very simple to execute, many website engineers, professionals, and proprietors ignore them. This ruins SEO undertakings and can also completely obliterate positioning in action. Understanding 301 Redirect A permanent redirect from one URL to […]