ICO HeadStart Founder Says Bitcoin Will Become A Part of Mainstream Online Payments In 2018

Blockchain Finance

Blockchain technology is potent of disrupting almost every industry, and it can’t be dismissed anyway although there are several hurdles to cross before we can actually witness its complete transformative impact. With paramount security and restricted change, leaders of major financial institutions see an upside in the blockchain technology, which in turn, has made them more […]

Significance of 301 Redirects when Upgrading Your Website – Don’t Forget or You’ll Be Sorry!

Web Development

Thinking of upgrading your website? The 301 redirect will let you ensure that your website gets updated under all circumstances. Although very simple to execute, many website engineers, professionals, and proprietors ignore them. This ruins SEO undertakings and can also completely obliterate positioning in action. Understanding 301 Redirect A permanent redirect from one URL to […]

Here Is Why Blockchain Technology Is Likely To Transform The Banking Industry

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was invented back in the year 2008-09 when the market was at its all-time low and investors were looking forward to an alternative to traditional currency which had failed miserably. Around this time, Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a brilliant idea famously known as bitcoin, which could be used as an alternative for the […]

Flask vs Django: How to Choose the Right Web Framework for Your Web App

Web Development

Python is one of the leading programming languages that is widely used and offers best of frameworks for development. Flask and Django are two most sought-after Web Frameworks for Python. So which one should you choose? Going through the features and benefits of each will help you decide the best framework for you. Understanding Web […]

The best way to remove virus from iPhone and iPad device

Mobile Development

Most of the readers might be wondering do iPhone or iPad devices get viruses. Many Apple users come up with the question whether their device has been infected by a virus due to its odd performance when the real fault is the software update. Any kind of virus occurs in the iOS software which deteriorates […]

Humm.ly: Healing Through Music In The Most Organic Manner

Mobile Development

Humm.ly is an app that allows its users to access a range of music that’s more than just entertainment. Humm.ly utilizes music therapy principles to provide music that addresses psychological wellbeing. Since the 1940s, music therapy has been extensively used in clinical settings, such as hospitals and retirement homes, to improve the mental and physical conditions of thousands […]

First Ever Grid Booster System Launches In Central And Eastern Europe


The first ever Grid Booster system in central and eastern Europe was launched at Bratislava’s Avion shopping mall in Slovakia. This pioneer battery assisted electric vehicle fast charging station is Grid Booster boasts of a battery capacity that allows local energy storage, flexibility and price savings. This is a revolution in energy production and consumption. […]