First Ever Grid Booster System Launches In Central And Eastern Europe


The first ever Grid Booster system in central and eastern Europe was launched at Bratislava’s Avion shopping mall in Slovakia. This pioneer battery assisted electric vehicle fast charging station is Grid Booster boasts of a battery capacity that allows local energy storage, flexibility and price savings. This is a revolution in energy production and consumption.

The Grid Booster includes two 50KW fast-charging stations in its mechanism which is supported by a close energy storage unit (in this case a battery). This storage unit is capable of storing 52KWh of energy and capable of dispensing 60KW of power at the same time. The Grid Booster can draw energy from either the battery, the grid, or both if needed. This poses a great threat to the normal fast charging stations which usually just draws their energy directly from the energy grid only.

This innovative technology comes with lots of game-changing potentials. One of such potential is that it allows for local, onsite and mostly renewable energy generation and storage by prosumers, i.e., people who produce and consume their energy. The Grid Booster also can charge up to four different vehicles at the same time. This is made possible through the DEEMS (data efficient energy management software) communicating with the battery and the onboard chargers in each vehicle making it possible for the power from the batteries to be distributed among all the vehicles charging at the same time. The Grid Booster can also distribute energy between these vehicles to enable a quick charge as fast as possible.

Speaking on the Grid Booster, Greenway co-founder and managing partner Peter Badik said that this is the first step in their strategy to build an EV charging network. It not only delivers electrons to vehicles to move them but will also allow the use of the enormous potential of millions of EV to provide their storage capacity and flexibility to the energy grid. He also added that he is happy that Greenway is leading this effort in central and Eastern Europe.

Janom CEO Jan Miskovsky sees smart storage technologies as growing importance in the development of EV charging networks of the future. He further stated how glad he was in participating in the development of such solutions and their practical implementation in Slovakia.

The deployment of the Green Booster was made possible by the European commission connecting Europe facility grant to Greenway infrastructure to deploy electric vehicle charging infrastructure they will also operate and maintain the charger. The fast charger and battery technology are provided by Delta, a world leading Technology Company.

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