Tips to improve your work and digital life

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Note that there is no ‘perfect’ balance:

Hearing work-life balance seems to be a tiring task of waking up 5 a.m., going for a job, having healthy breakfast and finally heading off to work. Moreover, returning home at 6, making dinner, reading a book, playing a game and finally off to bed. For some, it may be the perfect life balance as they get to eat, entertain, sleep and repeat.

The most important point to be noted is that there is no perfect schedule and the only thing that makes sense is a realistic one. For instance, in digital marketing you might get to work extra one day while you might get an early leave from office and you may spend your leisure hours hitting the gym. Hence, you need to adjust yourself to live and not force life to adjust to you.

Some key points to be noted in maintaining the perfect life balance:

Do what you love:

The first thing you need to follow is to get involved in something that you love or have a passion for. If you start working 9-5 in an office that you have no interest, you will find yourself unhappy and unsatisfied. Hence, do what you love, and you’ll automatically start flourishing in it.

Know there is a family behind you:

Doing what you love is good but doing ONLY what you love is useless. We came into this world to be happy and not to be a robot doing ‘what we’re told to do.’ Spend time with your family, friends, colleagues and more. Learn to cherish the moments as the time for all of us is limited.

Know that ‘you won’t always win’:

Whether we have our ventures or full-time jobs, there would come some good winning days and some bad tiring days. It’s impossible to predict the future hence; we take steps to minimize the risk involved in it.  But even then, our ideas do not work as we expect them to be. Hence, don’t take the losses too seriously and try to start every day as you’re reborn and that you have new opportunity to start fresh.

Health is wealth:

Work hard but do not let your health suffer the consequences. Often we find ourselves so involved in our daily life routine that we forget how precious our life is and is almost priceless. Hence, we must maintain a proper diet that fulfills our nutrition and calories we burn regularly. Also, eating junk food is poisonous to our health which we should rightfully avoid.

Take a break:

Working regularly for the whole year, month or week can make our life a living hell. Our minds love to work, but they need peace to carry on working. Hence, it is mandatory for you to take a break whenever possible. Whether weekly, monthly or annually, go for a vacation to a place that you love. Earn and spend, don’t earn and save.

Create the backup of your data:

You spend years in creating a strategy; time in grinding till the final product and then the same strategy if not protected can lose its ownership. Hence, you must protect your data in a cloud storage account to gain access to it from any location and if it is confidential, then you must implement cloud and security protocols along with necessary security software to make sure that improvement in your digital life sustains too.

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