Mobile Consultancy – Understanding and Its Importance

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A mobile consulting is essential for anyone who wants to create an application, either to turn an idea into a business model or as a business strategy for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing are targeted marketing strategies for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smart watches) and aim to increase engagement with consumers through applications. Apps have the role of interactive tools or sources of information that can improve people’s lives and daily life, allowing your business to have more visibility and consequently more sales. See now, the importance of mobile marketing, what a mobile consultancy is, how it operates and how important it is to the future of your business.

What is the role of mobile marketing?

Mobile devices are becoming more accessible around the world. More and more people are using these devices and the time they spend on using them is increasing. Online purchases made through mobile devices are also growing, as is consumer interaction with brands across the Internet. In this scenario, applications play an extremely important role for the consumer and also for the companies. Here are some good reasons to create an application.

Reasons for a business to build applications


By delivering value, helping to clarify questions or save time in problem solving through the application, users tend to engage more with the brand and customers become more loyal;

Availability of information:

Through the applications, users can have access to data such as hours of operation, contact phone, promotion notifications and the dissemination of events. In this way, the client will see the advantages of having the application installed on the mobile;


Through an application, the client can access services in a faster and more practical way, offer suggestions easily and have direct access to the contents of the blog, site and social network updates;

Applications are better than websites:

The mobile application is more than a mobile and responsive version of the company’s website. It has the fastest loading and brings greater possibility of interaction, allowing a unique experience to the user and through it the possibility of engaging more customers. By placing a shortcut on the customer’s mobile screen, your business or business will be there, 24 hours a day at your disposal, in a simple and personalized way;

Internal and external improvement:

With vast possibilities during its design and execution, mobile applications not only improve the company’s relationship with the external public, they can also offer options for improving internal communication and workflow among employees, making day-to-day work more practical of who works in the company. For example, the application can display up-to-the-minute product information, such as stock availability and average lead time, helping sellers and sales representatives. Another common internal use of the company’s mobile application is the creation of employee incentive programs, with strategies and actions planned to motivate the targeting of monthly goals or specific campaigns, such as year-end campaigns;

Improve relationship and sales:

Through the application, it is possible to increase the volume of consumer interactions with the company in a direct communication channel of the customer’s cell phone. In addition, the application becomes a new marketing channel that allows you to send notifications with discounts alerts as well as new product launches. To encourage the use of the mobile system, it may even be given discount to those who download the app.

As a result, applications have become a mobile marketing strategy so important to companies, especially if they have friendlier and more attractive interfaces than competitors.

What is a mobile consultancy and what is its importance

This type of consulting helps the company integrate mobile marketing principles with business sales strategies. It aids the business by working on the accessibility and interaction points with the application on mobile devices. Thus, the best type of application is identified for the business model or solution sought, so that they have strong engagement with customers.

In addition to analyzing the application itself, the consultancy conducts market analysis for user trends and needs, in order to adapt the company’s strategy and improve customer service. In this way, a mobile strategy implemented through a consultancy brings more credibility and visibility, making the brand of your business even better viewed by potential clients.

Mobile consulting, therefore, consists of integrating the principles of mobile marketing with the sales strategy of an organization. Because it is a niche market, there are still few companies that offer this consultancy, and those that acquire it are more likely to stand out. This type of consultancy analyzes the profile of your business and seeks to adapt your sales process to accessibility and mobile interaction.

This can be done by adopting some punctual actions, such as creating a responsive site – one in which the format changes and adapts, depending on whether the access is on a mobile platform or a computer – by implementing a specific mobile SEO, organizing a store adapted online, or even , develop applications more focused on interactions and service delivery. These and other factors can take advantage of the features of mobile devices to give your business more visibility.

By having an efficient mobile strategy, fully implemented through a consultancy of mobile app developers, you ensure credibility and visibility in front of this very high population layer that has preferred mobile devices to access social networks and search for products. A business that has different interfaces, which change according to the device used to access them, passes a well structured image, as well as concerned with the user side. For all these reasons, it is important that you consider implementing a mobile consultancy in your marketing strategy. This will make your brand even more eye-catching along with the ever-growing mobile user audience. Keep in mind that credibility helps a lot in the number of conversions.

Final considerations

Not everything is flowers in the mobile consultation: if on the one hand the final product works well and is perfectly adjustable, regardless of the platform used, on the other, it means that the development process has taken a lot of work. Only in mobile marketing, there are a multitude of formats that can be a challenge – even with the existence of breakpoints, a kind of pattern that delimits the smallest and largest parameters. Even so, it is essential to pay attention to mobile devices. It’s easy to see that the growth in the use of smartphones and tablets is vertiginous and, in many cases, the only means of access to the internet of many people and families.

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