Flask vs Django: How to Choose the Right Web Framework for Your Web App

Web Development

Python is one of the leading programming languages that is widely used and offers best of frameworks for development. Flask and Django are two most sought-after Web Frameworks for Python. So which one should you choose? Going through the features and benefits of each will help you decide the best framework for you. Understanding Web […]

The best way to remove virus from iPhone and iPad device

Mobile Development

Most of the readers might be wondering do iPhone or iPad devices get viruses. Many Apple users come up with the question whether their device has been infected by a virus due to its odd performance when the real fault is the software update. Any kind of virus occurs in the iOS software which deteriorates […]

Humm.ly: Healing Through Music In The Most Organic Manner

Mobile Development

Humm.ly is an app that allows its users to access a range of music that’s more than just entertainment. Humm.ly utilizes music therapy principles to provide music that addresses psychological wellbeing. Since the 1940s, music therapy has been extensively used in clinical settings, such as hospitals and retirement homes, to improve the mental and physical conditions of thousands […]

First Ever Grid Booster System Launches In Central And Eastern Europe


The first ever Grid Booster system in central and eastern Europe was launched at Bratislava’s Avion shopping mall in Slovakia. This pioneer battery assisted electric vehicle fast charging station is Grid Booster boasts of a battery capacity that allows local energy storage, flexibility and price savings. This is a revolution in energy production and consumption. […]

Is Your E-Commerce Startup Ready To Capitalise The Changing User Preferences?

Web Development

Back in 1994 when Amazon started its operations, nobody had expected it to come this far. Today, after almost 24 years later, it has not only become the largest online retailer but also transformed e-commerce industry into a multi-billion dollar market. Keeping in mind the success that Amazon got, many startups have jumped into this field […]

Important Things You Need To Know To Keep Your Online Presence Secure


There is no doubt in the fact that the internet was the most significant invention of the previous century. However, it brought many risks along which not only exposed users to unwanted online threats but also put their privacy at stake. Regardless of how far the world has come lately, these online threats continue to put users […]

Benefits of Software Defined Storage For Smaller Companies


As the amount of data that businesses must deal with on a daily basis continues to explode, the data storage is turning into a critical concern for both large enterprises and smaller companies. Many are turning to Software Defined Storage (SDS) to meet these rapidly expanding requirements. This relatively new technology is particularly advantageous for small and […]

How This 17 Year Old Kid Is Helping Business In Growing and Optimizing Their Revenue


As Internet And Digital Commerce is proliferating business scene continues to evolve, Which have resulted in Increase in a Huge Competition to Everyone. Young people are steadily filling up the front lines by starting their own endeavors, which includes everything from boutiques and breweries to tech start-ups and large Agencies. 17 year old Harsh saw this as a Growth […]

Advice For Twenty-Somethings From A Guy Who’s Turned Thirty


Deepak Shukla is an (early) thirty-something currently making waves in London digital marketing scene. However, for a still young guy, he seems to have crammed an awful lot of living into a relatively short space of time. In addition to heading up the boutique SEO firm Purr Traffic, he is an ultramarathon runner, Muay Thai fighter, […]